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Truck & Bus Tyres

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Tyre Shop Online stocks a comprehensive range of quality tyres for trucks and buses with tread design suitable for all weather conditions, whether you’re carrying good, transporting passengers, or using them in urban areas. 

Our truck tyres and bus tyres are available for every application. Road performance is important, and selecting the right tread pattern and tread compound are just some of the factors to consider when choosing a tyre for better fuel efficiency. 

Whether you’re travelling long haul, carrying heavy loads, driving on gravel roads, or in the city, our tyres are designed with a more resistant compound to provide reduced rolling resistance and best cost per kilometre when travelling on our New Zealand roads. 

Tyre Shop Online have the most trusted brands in all sizes to fit your vehicle. Enter your tyre size to purchase your commercial tyres online for steer, drive, or trailer axles tyres. 


Truck Tyre Positions


Steer/All Position Truck Tyres

Steer tyres are the most crucial aspect as they control and optimise the steering and handling of your truck. These commercial tyres are designed for the steer axle position of a truck. 

These tyres are designed to expel the water beneath your tyres and prevent aquaplaning. 


Drive Axle Truck Tyres

The Drive tyres have been designed to provide exceptional traction on various surfaces. 


Trailer Axle Truck Tyres

This last set of tyres located at the back of your trailer are designed to perform better in free rolling while carrying your load. This tyre has a much thicker sidewall and they are more durable. 

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