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  1. Select your tyre.
  2. Select your nearest fitter. 
  3. Your tyres will be delivered directly to your nominated local fitter.  
  4. You will receive their contact details to arrange a suitable appointment. 
  5. We will notify your selected fitter about your order once your tyres have been dispatched. 
  6. Your fitter will take care of fitting, balancing and case disposal. 

It’s as simple as that! 

Shipping costs: $14.99 per tyre (1-3 tyres) or a flat rate fee of $40 when you purchase 4 or more tyres going to a residential address. 

Freight free available for 4 or more tyres when you select one of our fitters nationwide. 

Deliveries within North Island or within South Island: It may take 3-5 working days. 

The stock might come from the North or South Island warehouses between islands, and this can take up to 7 working days. 

If you have not received your tracking number within 3 working days, please contact our team at sales@tyreshoponline.co.nz 

Please note:We are unable to deliver to P.O Boxes or Residential Rural Addresses. 

Stock Availability: Every item featured on our website at the time of ordering is currently in stock. 

Buying at Tyre Shop Online has never been so easy! We make the whole process from start to finish as simple as possible to ensure you enjoy your experience with us. 

Simply choose your tyre, choose your delivery address or select a fitter and pay online! 

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You can find your tyre size on the sidewall of your tyres. The tyre size is represented by 3 sets of numbers – e.g. 215/60R16 

You can also find this information located on the driver’s door pillar or in your vehicle owner’s manual. 

Note: If there is any discrepancy between the numbers provided on the sidewall of your tyre and the manufacturer’s specifications, it would be advisable to consult your nearest tyre workshop for advice.

For more information on tyre sizes click here. 

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The legal “minimum” depth of tyre tread in New Zealand is 1.5mm. The tyres’ tread plays a crucial role in safety and performance when you drive your car. 

When you buy a new tyre, the tread has an excellent grip on the road surface and wet conditions as it channels the water out preventing aquaplaning.  

As the tyre tread wears down, all these essential functions can be compromised. 

Replacing your tyres before the tread depth falls to 1.5mm is desirable. 

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We highly recommend this service to ensure you get maximum life out of your tyres and prevention of premature tread wear. 

Getting a wheel alignment is recommended to avoid uneven tread wear, car pulling to the left or right and steering vibration. 

Note: Wheel Alignment should be carried out to maximise the life of your tyres every 6 months or every 10,000km whichever comes first and when purchasing new tyres for your vehicle. 

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Did you know that for every 1psi under inflated, you can lose up to 2000km of your tyre? It is vital to maintain the correct tyre pressure to maximise the tread life and better handling of your tyres. 

Note: You can find your tyre pressure as per your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations on the driver’s door pillar, under the bonnet or on the back of the fuel filler cover. 

The tyre should be inflated while it is cold to have an accurate reading. And remember, to check the spare tyre! 

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Rotating your tyres frequently does helps your tyres to wear more evenly. Tyres will be worn at different levels depending on your vehicle.  

Normally, it is recommended to have your tyres rotated at least every 10,000km. Keep it in mind that rotating your tyres maximise even wear to help extend the life of your tyre for better handling and traction. 

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When placing your order online, simply choose your nearest fitter available at the checkout and your tyres will be dispatched directly to them.  

The next step is to simply arrange a suitable time with your fitter to have your tyres fitted and balanced. 

This service includes fitting, balancing and disposal of your tyres. 

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We endeavor to dispatch your tyres to you as quick as we can. Orders are dispatched between Monday to Friday except on Public Holidays and Weekends. 

Please check our delivery timeframe and shipping details click here 

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These 3 types of tyres patterns were designed to suit your driving style. Let’s take a look on each pattern and understand how they work:  

Directional – These patterns will look more like a “V” shaped tread pattern and designed for rolling in one direction. Tyres with this pattern can be rotated from front-to-back or back-to-front. 

Non-Directional – This pattern is designed to be rotated in any direction from front-to-back, back-to-front and across as an X-pattern.

Asymmetrical – The correct side of the tyre facing out is the side that says “Outer”.  

You may use this tyre for multiple rotations from front-to-back, back-to-front, across as an X-pattern.  

Remember, the ‘Outer” side should always be facing out. 

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A Run Flat tyre is designed with a reinforced sidewall which helps the tyre to remain functional in case you suffer a puncture while driving. However, if a puncture strikes, these tyres will have a speed limit up to 80km/h and around 80km of travel to get you to the nearest tyre workshop for repair. 

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