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Mud & Extreme Tyres

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Tyre Shop Online stocks a full range of 4×4 tyres from the most extreme off-road to highway use.

Our mud tyre range has a tread pattern for every application. Road performance is important so tyre design, tread block design is just some of the items to consider when choosing a 4wd tyre.

Mud terrain tyres do have good road capability but this should not be confused with all terrain tyres which would be better suited for road use. Long tread life can be affected by choosing the correct tyre for the right application.

Off road tyres and extreme off road tyres have their tread blocks designed for various purposes such as extreme off road, mud clearance, rock climbing or going on softer surfaces.

We are proud to represent some of the biggest and most trusted brands for extreme 4×4 tyres in New Zealand including the legendary Lakesea brand.

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