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Tyre Load Rating

The load index is a numeral value of a tyre that determines what weight each tyre can carry. The maximum capacity per tyre is indicated in kilograms (kg) It is important that you check with your vehicle manufacturer what capacity should be put on your car.

The load rating is generally found after the diameter reading and before the speed rating on the sidewall marking, like in the above example. It is followed by a letter which is the tyre speed rating.

Tyre Load Rating Table

The following table shows the load index for each tyre.

Tyre load index table

The tyre load rating is a critical aspect to consider when selecting tyres for your vehicle. It determines the maximum load that a tyre can carry safely. This rating is typically indicated by a tyre load index, a numerical value assigned to the tyre by the tyre manufacturers. The load index is often found on the sidewall marking of the tyre, along with other important information like the speed rating.

To determine the load capacity of a specific tyre, you can refer to a load index chart or a tyre load rating table. These resources provide valuable information regarding the maximum load, the maximum speed that a particular tyre is rated to. It is essential to choose a tyre with a load rating that meets or exceeds the requirements specified by your vehicle manufacturer. A higher speeds rating is also preferable.

Maintaining the correct inflation pressures is crucial for optimising the carrying capacity and overall performance of the tyres. Check your tyre pressure regularly. By selecting tyres with a higher load rating, you can enhance the carrying capacity and accommodate heavier loads when needed.

Understanding the tyre load rating and its relationship to the maximum load, carrying capacity, and correct inflation pressures is vital for selecting the appropriate replacement tyres and ensuring safe and efficient vehicle operation.

Can you use a tyre with a higher load index?
Yes, you can use a tyre with a higher load index or known as load rating than specified for your vehicle to provide extra safety when carrying heavy loads or passengers. However, ensure the tyre is compatible with your vehicle’s specifications to avoid compromising handling, braking, and safety. Consult a professional or your vehicle’s manual for guidance before making any tyre changes.

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