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Navigating the New Tyre Regulations: Tyrewise Stewardship Fee

As March 1st approaches, New Zealand drivers are gearing up for a significant shift in the automotive landscape with the rollout of new tyre regulations. These regulations, spearheaded by Tyrewise, aim to revolutionise tyre practices in New Zealand, encompassing everything from sustainability to safety. In this blog, we’ll delve into what these regulations entail, how they’ll benefit New Zealand drivers, and essential information every driver should know. 

Understanding the New Regulations 

The new regulations introduced by Tyrewise represent a paradigm shift in the way New Zealand drivers approach tyre disposal. While safety is a cornerstone of these regulations, they also emphasise sustainability and responsible tyre management practices. 

 FAQ’s And All You Need to Know 

The Tyre Stewardship Fee aims to cover the expenses of managing tyres at the end of their life, including collection, transportation, processing subsidies, and promoting the use of recycled material. These expenses are determined by weight, not the purchase price of the tyre. 

The Tyre Stewardship Fee is a fee charged on all imports of regulated tyres when they enter New Zealand, and it varies depending on the types of tyres and sizes. For example, standard passenger tyre weighing 9.5kg the Tyre Stewardship Fee will be $6.65 (excl. GST), see table for a reference 

From 1 March 2024 a Tyre Stewardship Fee will be charged on all new tyres sold in New Zealand. 

The Tyre Stewardship Fee must be transparently disclosed at the time of your purchase at the checkout and fee will be shown on your receipt. 

Tyrewise is an initiative by the Ministry of Environment in New Zealand aimed at reducing harm to the environment and communities by effectively managing end-of-life tyres. Its goal is to oversee the entire process from tyre collection to processing, ensuring environmental sustainability. 

Regulated tyres include all pneumatic and solid tyres intended for use on motorised vehicles, encompassing cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, aircraft, and off-road vehicles. 

The fee will initially be paid by the importer then pass it on to retail tyre shops and this fee must be passed on to consumers. Importers, retailers and tyre fitters must ensure the fee is shown on your receipt. This mechanism helps fund the management of end-of-life tyres and supports sustainable tyre practices. 

When tyres reach the end of their life, they hold significant potential resources that go to waste if they’re discarded, stockpiled, or sent to landfills. Through a stewardship program, all tyre importers and retailers must participate equally. As a consumer, rest assured that when you purchase a new tyre, it will be responsibly managed within the program upon reaching its end-of-life, ensuring the recovery of its resources. 

Tyre Shop Online is one of regulated tyres retailers required to adhere to Tyrewise, the accredited product stewardship scheme. This means we must comply with guidelines and regulations set forth by Tyrewise for the proper management and disposal of tyres, promoting environmental responsibility.  

Sustainability: The regulations promote tyre recycling and environmentally friendly disposal practices, contributing to a cleaner, greener New Zealand. By participating in tyre recycling programs, drivers can play their part in reducing waste and protecting our planet. 

Customers can ensure compliance by purchasing tyres from Tyre Shop Online, fitters, mechanics and retail tyre shops who are part of the accredited product stewardship scheme, ensuring that tyres are managed and disposed of responsibly. When you replace your old tyres, you are encouraged to leave them with the company that originally fitted them. 

For more detailed information about Tyrewise regulations and guidelines, customers can visit the Ministry of Environment’s official website or Tyrewise. Staying informed and educated about tyre regulations is essential for promoting environmental stewardship and ensuring compliance with Tyrewise standards. 

As the automotive landscape evolves with the introduction of new tyre regulations, New Zealand drivers have an opportunity to embrace positive change and contribute to safer, more sustainable roads.  

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