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6 Essential Tips for Trailer Tyres in New Zealand

Towing your boat or cargo safely in New Zealand starts with the right tyres for your trailer. Boat trailers and trailers have distinct requirements, so let’s dive into the essential information you need to know about these trailer tyres. 

Do You Need Special Tyres For A Trailer?

Yes, you definitely do! Specialised trailer tyres are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of trailers. They have sturdier construction and sidewalls, making them better equipped to handle the heavy loads and lateral forces that trailers experience. 

What Kind of Tyres Do I Need For My Trailer?  

Boat trailers require tyres that can handle the weight of your boat. Make sure to choose boat trailer tyres, designed to provide stability and safety. 

Standard trailer tyres come in different sizes, and the tyres you need may vary depending on your trailer’s weight and purpose. 

What Size Is a Standard Trailer Tyre?

Trailer tyre sizes can differ, but common sizes for both boat and standard trailers in New Zealand are 13-inch to 16-inch. The specific size you need depends on your trailer’s weight and size. Always check your trailer’s manual or the current tyre sidewall for the correct size. 

Is It Okay to Use Car Tyres on A Trailer?  

Using regular car tyres on a trailer is not recommended. Car tyres aren’t designed to handle the lateral forces and heavy loads that trailers experience. By choosing the right trailer tyres, you ensure safety and stability while towing. So, stick with trailer tyres to avoid potential issues down the road. 

Do You Need Matching Tyres for Trailers?

For optimal performance, it’s advisable to have matching tyres on the same axle on your trailer. Matching tyres ensures uniformity in performance, which is vital when you’re carrying valuable cargo. By using the same type of tyre, tyre size, and the same speed rating and load rating, you help maintain balance and stability, reducing the risk of problems on the road. 

It’s worth noting that single axle trailers are a common choice for many users. These trailers feature only one set of wheels, making them suitable for lighter loads and smaller boats. When outfitting your single axle trailer, selecting the appropriate trailer tyres is crucial for a safe and efficient towing experience. 

How To Measure Trailer Tyres

Measuring your trailer tyres is crucial to ensure you get the right size. To do this, check the numbers on the tyre’s sidewall. Here’s what each part means: 

175 represents the tyre’s width in millimetres. 

80 is the aspect ratio, showing the height as a percentage of the width. 

R13 means it’s a radial tyre designed for a 13-inch rim. 

By understanding these numbers, you can confidently select the right tyres for your boat or trailer. The type and size of trailer tyres you need in New Zealand depend on whether you’re towing a boat or a trailer. Always opt for specialised trailer tyres to ensure safety and performance. Whether you’re heading to the water with your boat or transporting a load, selecting the right tyres will make your towing experience smoother and more secure. 

Happy motoring! 


boat trailer with strong trailer tyres

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