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A Complete Guide to Wheel Alignment

Have you ever noticed your car pulling to one side? If so, it could be a sign of alignment issues that not only impact your vehicle’s performance but also compromise its safety. That’s why it is important to understand wheel alignment, and in this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know. 

What is Wheel Alignment?  

Wheel alignment is an adjustment made to the suspension components that connect the wheels to the vehicle’s frame. The purpose of wheel alignment is to ensure that your vehicle drives straight, which can lead to better handling, improved safety, and extended lifespan of your tyres

What Does Wheel Alignment Do?  

Wheel alignment ensures that your tyres are fitted correctly and parallel to each other, making proper contact with the ground. This also ensures that the steering and suspension components work together and correctly. Misaligned wheels can cause issues like uneven tyre wear and pulling to one side. 

Are Wheel Alignments Necessary?  

Yes. Wheel alignment is one of the most important maintenance tasks. If the angles of the wheels on your vehicle are not aligned, it can cause excessive wear and tear on your tyres and suspension components which can lead to costly repairs. To avoid that, getting your wheels aligned regularly can improve your vehicle’s performance and the handling of the steering wheel. 

When to Get Wheel Alignment Service & How Often Should I Get a Wheel Alignment?  

We recommend a wheel alignment after installing new tyres. If your vehicle pulls to one side while driving, it may indicate an alignment problem. Potholes and other road hazards can cause damage to your suspension components and throw your vehicle out of alignment. To ensure better handling and safety, it is recommended to get a wheel alignment checked once or twice a year, after installing new tyres or whenever you notice any of these issues. 

How Much Does a Wheel Alignment Cost?  

The cost of a wheel alignment can vary depending on the type of vehicle and the location of the service. On average, a wheel alignment for cars in New Zealand can cost between $79 and $119. However, it is essential to note that getting a wheel alignment is a cost-effective way to prevent more expensive repairs in the future. 

In conclusion, wheel alignment is a crucial aspect for maintaining vehicle’s performance and safety by preventing excessive wear and tear on tyres and suspension. It also ensures proper driving and handling. Promptly check alignment if you notice any issues. It is a cost-effective way to prevent expensive repairs. Pay attention to wheel balancing, road hazards, and tyre wear for smooth vehicle operation. 

Happy Motoring! 

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